In San Francisco with my friends having a quick breakfast.
I ate: Seven Hills restaurant
Macro shot of fir pins in the California Jackson State forest.
Lindsay Jasmine: Wow Rafe, I love the details in this shot.
Came back home from the long trip to the Black Sea.
I was at: San Francisco, US
Rana Heubert: Welcome back home Rafe.
Sunrising at the Black Sea.
Lindsay Jasmine: I love them Rafe, well done! 👍
Fortier Cassey: Great shots!
Newell Rafe: Thank you guys! 😍
Traveling to the Black Sea.
I was at: Costinesti, Romania.
Lindsay Jasmine: Can't wait to see with what you come up from the trip Rafe.
arrr: ZCzxC
Lindsay Jasmine: Beautiful location.